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2017 Rosedale Sale Results

Last Friday was Rosedale’s Annual Southern Sale held at Yea with guest Victorian vendors Tambo River Charolais and Riverstone Charolais. A good crowd was on hand to see a 96% clearance with 25/26 bulls being sold to an average price of $5020.

The top Price bull was lot 1 Rosedale Legal selling for $8,500 to return buyer Garrison Cattle Company who put together a strong draft of bulls on the day. Legal was a polled son of Rosedale First Class with excellent all-round carcase scans and an IMF Score of 5.2%.

Other Sale highlights included Rosedale Layback another First Class son who sold to the Field’s of Tasmania for $8,000 and also boasted an IMF score of 5.2%. The Field’s also purchased Tambo River Legend, a Sparrows Eldorado son for $6,500.

All bulls sold to commercial clients from a variety of areas which was pleasing to see.

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Rosedale wins 2015 Sydney Royal Beef Challenge

Rosedale Charolais where crowned Champions at the 2015 Sydney Royal Beef Challenge. A Team of Charolais/Angus Heifers won the Champion Domestic Pen, a great result with over 240 head of cattle in the Domestic Catergory supplied by leading producers from New South Wales and Queensland.

The Champion team of heifers also won the Live Assessment part of the competition and receieved maximum Carcase points as well as averaging 1.9kg/Day over 70 Days HGP Free. The combination of High weight gain performance and the Ability to meet carcase quality criteria is what we strive to achieve with our Charolais Genetics and it is great to see these results coming through in our commercial program. These are the key traits to improving the profitability of any breeding herd or feeding program.

Rosedale Charolais Genetics also Featured heavily in the Yeild section of the trial with Rosedale coming first and second in the Domestic section of the Trial with a pen of Charolais x Shorthorn and Charolais x Angus Steers. A rosedale team also won the yeild section of the Export section of the trial with a team of Charolais x Angus steers that yeilded 58% after 100 Days on Grain.

When selling cattle direct to processors yeild can play a significant role in profitability to the producer as well as the meat works. We have recently seen the introduction of Yeild based payments by Teys Australia which highlights the significance of this trait. Rosedale clients are well situtated to take advantage of such moves by the cattle industry. Our track record of data collection and proven genetic performance in the commercial world is second to none and we will always continue to put our product to the test