Turnbulls Duty Free (HOMOZYGOUS POLLED)

DOB : 31/01/2016
Registration: OACM1309E

  • One of the newest Canadian bulls to hit the Australian Charolais market and Rosedale secured
    exclusive breeding rights in partnership with Agri gene and some fellow leading breeders across Australia.
  • Currently ranks in the top 1% for 200 and 400 Day growth.


DOB : 01/08/2018
Registration : MRP197E

  • A lovely thick and fleshy yet powerful son we bred by the successful Silverstream Landmark sire.
  • Premiers first calves are very commercially focused animals with grunt. Trait leader 400 Day Growth.


DOB : 14/03/2017
Registration :: OAUN8189E

  • A bull we have used successfully in our AI program over heifers. This bull is renowned for his calving ease and strong phenotypes of his offspring.
  • He was the high-selling bull in the 2018 Lindskov-Thiel Ranch Bull Sale for US$160,000.

Rosedale Maverick (AI) (ET) (RF) (P) (Homozygous Polled)

D.O.B : 21/07/2016
Registration : MRM299E

  • Sire Apppeal, Red Factor and Homozygous polled
  • Maverick is one of the best bulls we have produced in recent times.
  • Maverick’s strike rate for producing quality is as good as we have seen. Earlier maturity pattern, Excellent IMF and fantastic skin type.

Silverstream Landmark (P)

D.O.B : 5/09/2015
Registration : OANL40E

    • Rosedale has the exclusive Australian Semen rights to this exciting new polled sire from New Zealand.
    • One of the best sons of Silverstream Evolution we have seen and have been very happy with the way he has bred for us.
    • Really stamps his progeny with thickness, bone and constitution.
    • A great outcross option packing some punch with a moderate birth, High EMA and IMF.


D.O.B : 10/04/2016
Registration : OAUM6294E

  • An AI sire from North America we are very pleased with the progeny we have thus far.
  • In the US He ranks in the top 4% of the breed for marbling and we appreciate his birth to growth spread and ability to put on fat cover.

Airlie Kotow (AI) (ET) (RF) (P)

D.O.B : 01/04/2014
Registration : A1SK47E

  • A very thick and attractive red factor sire that we have used in both our stud herd and “black” Program
  • Great son bred by the highly acclaimed LT Ledger with thickness, softness and IMF.


D.O.B : 29/07/2016
Registration : MRM297E

  • A full Homozygous polled brother to Rosedale Maverick and his progeny are very impressive and also very consistent.
  • We are absolutely delighted with the way he has bred and the fantastic temperament in all his offspring.


DOB : 22/08/2018
Registration : MRP124E

  • The heaviest yearling of the “P” drop bulls retained for in herd use.
  • Provides weight for age and strong carcase values. A real curve bender in terms of moderately born calves that really grow.
  • Trait leader for 200, 400 & 600 day growth


DOB : 9/02/2009
Registration : OAUE143E

  • Short Gestation Length and True Heifer Calving Ease
  • A US bred AI Sire we have had great success with on Stud Heifers
  • Plenty of Eye appeal and great temperments
  • One of the safest and Most proven calving ease sires in the breed.
  • Progeny reknowned for positve fat cover and IMF.