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NSW Beef Spectacular Performance Champions

A pen of Charolais cross steers exhibited by the Millner family of Rosedale Charolais, Blayney has been awarded the Champion Pen of Steers for Feedlot Performance at the 2016 Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial. Over a 104 day feeding period the steers bred by the Millner’s averaged a daily weight gain of 2.77kg/day, more than 0.5kg/day above the feedlot trial average of 2.25kg/day. The trial was made up of 76 teams of 5 head exhibited by leading producers from the eastern states of Australia and consisted of British, European and British/European cross cattle. The steers where fed at the Teys-Cargill Jindalee feedlot near Wagga Wagga NSW.

As a result of the strong feedlot performance combined with solid carcase results these steers had the highest Team profit of the competition returning $1327 above the competition profit average and over $260 ahead of the nearest competitor. Another pen of Charolais/Shorthorn steers also exhibited by the Millner family came 3rd in the team profit section returning $1024 above the competition average.

In the overall standings which combines carcase results and feedlot performance the Millner family flew the flag for the Charolais breed finishing a respectable 5th and 6th. The overall winners where RB & KK Lamereux with a team of Simmental/Angus steers. Interestingly the top 9 exhibitors where all made up of crossbred teams highlighting the advantage gained by hybrid vigour in a commercial scenario when compared to the purebred British herds.

Charolais Angus Steer, Jindalee Feedlot Dec 2015

Charolais Angus Steer, Jindalee Feedlot Dec 2015

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